Tap Handles for Everyone

If you’re looking for custom taps you’ve came to the right website. We offer three different options for the level of customization of tap handles for anyone from homebrewers to mid-sized breweries. If you have your design in mind or need us to design for you, we can help.

Personalized Tap Handles

Personalized tap handles are perfect if you need a small quantity of taps, are concerned with cost or want the taps in the quickest possible time. Our easy to use online design tool makes designing a tap exactly how you want quick and easy. Since we offer no minimum orders, you can have your own custom tap handle whether you’re a homebrewer or small brewery. Many times these tap handles will ship the next business day. If you have a tight schedule or want a slight modification, feel free to contact us.

personalized tap handle

A personalized tap handle

Flat/Round Fully Custom Tap Handles

These tap handles offer uniqueness at a great price which will help your beer stand out. You can get a great tap handle centered around your logo without the exuberant design and setup fees charged by others. Ordered at quantities of 5 or more, often times the cost is similar or less than our personalized taps. Lead times for most orders is 1-2 weeks. If you know exactly what you want or have no idea, contact us with a logo, idea or design with the quantity you’re looking for and we’d be happy to quote.

2D custom tap handle

A 2D custom tap handle

custom round tap handle

A custom round tap handle

3D Fully Custom Tap Handles

If you have a crazy idea, there’s a good chance we can make it into a tap handle. These tap handles stand out from the rest so you can be sure customers will be looking at your beer. Our process allow us to make 3D shapes without the high cost associated with making a mold for plastic resin. We also have an in-house fabrication department for metal tap handles. Contact us with your idea/design and quantity for a quote. Visit here for more details on our capabilities.

full 3D custom tap handle

A full 3D custom tap handle

metal tap handle

A metal tap handle

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