About us

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We started our company to make great looking tap handles for small breweries and homebrewers as easy as possible. We quickly found out that much larger breweries we seeking our tap handles because of our speed, quality and pricing. As we grew our company we continually added capabilities to create more and more complex tap handles.

Our philosophy is to keep everything possible in house from design to production of the tap handles. Because of this, our production times are some of the fastest in the industry and our pricing is lower. Though we now serve medium to large sized beverage companies, we are still dedicated to providing the same high quality tap handles to smaller breweries and homebrewers.

We produce all of our tap handles at our facility in Lake Mills, WI. By keeping the majority of processes in house, we're able to prototype and produce tap handles significantly quicker than our competitors. We've developed a production process that can be adapted from 1-1000+ tap handles which keeps prototyping and setup fees low while being able to provide large quantity runs at exceptional value.

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