Holiday Order Cutoff Dates 2021

Tap handles make a perfect stocking stuffer for any homebrewer or beer enthusiast with a tap system. We have some of the fastest tap handle production available. With rush production and express shipping it is possible to get a tap handle in less than a week. In order to receive tap handles by Christmas the following are the order cutoff dates for custom stock tap handles with different options:

•Standard production with standard shipping: December 7th
•Rush production with standard shipping: December 12th

•Rush production with USPS priority shipping: December 14th
•Rush production with USPS express or UPS 2nd day air shipping: December 16th

•Rush production with UPS next day air shipping: December 17th
Gift Cards: No cutoff – email delivery

Please note that although these dates allow for extra time for unforeseen issues, they are not guarantees since we have no control over shipping delays. Ordering as early as possible is the best way to ensure the tap handles arrive on time.

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Holiday Order Cutoff Dates 2020

We have some of the fastest tap handle production available. With rush production and express shipping it is possible to get a tap handle in less than a week. In order to receive tap handles by Christmas the following are the order cutoff dates for custom stock tap handles with different options:

•Standard production with free shipping: December 8th
•Rush production with free shipping: December 13th

•Rush production with priority shipping: December 15th
•Rush production with express shipping: December 17th

•Rush production with overnight shipping: December 18th
Gift Cards: No cutoff – email delivery

Please note that although these dates allow for extra time for unforeseen issues, they are not guarantees since we have no control over shipping delays.

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My Tap Handle Isn’t Straight

Tap handle faucet parts

Ever wonder how we install the threads to make the tap handles all face the correct orientation. The answer is that we don’t need to. When installing there is a nut on the facet that allows the person installing the tap handle to face the correct orientation. Simply thread the tap handle on to the faucet a few turns so it’s facing the right way. Then rotate the lock nut to tighten to the bottom of the tap handle. Never over tighten the tap handle as this can cause damage or cause the tap handle threads to seize on the faucet.

Step 1: Screw the tap handle onto the faucet facing the correct orientation
Step 2: Tighten the lock nut to the tap handle
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What is a High Quality Graphic

Because our clients are everyone from homebrewers to small beverage companies to large breweries, we work with people that have a wide range of graphic design experience. Some people only sketch a design while others are able to provide us with print ready graphics. Whether your experience is the former or latter we are able to help get your ideas made into a tap handle.

No matter where you’re at on your graphic design experience level, the most helpful thing you can do is provide the highest quality graphics available to us. There are two types of graphics, vector and raster. Actual pictures are always raster graphics while text, most logos, and other commercial artwork are often vector graphics.

When zoomed in vector graphics have sooth lines. Raster graphics will have jagged or blurred lines when zoomed in too far

Raster Graphics
We have a number of different ways to help put together a tap handle design. You’re able to use our online design tool on our custom stock tap handles. If you send us your idea via a quote request with image(s) we can help you make a design. The most important thing is for any image is to send us the best quality vs available. Higher resolution and higher size images are always better. Most of the time we are able to use most images, however sometimes images can be so low quality that they are not able to be used.

High quality vs low quality
High quality graphics look good when zoomed in to fill your screen. Low quality graphics become blurry or jagged

Vector Graphics
We always prefer vector graphics if available. A vector file can contain multiple elements to make it print ready. The most common program used to edit them is Adobe Illustrator but Inkscape is a good free alternative. The most popular format for these are ai, pdf and eps. If you are able, it’s best to have the document color mode set to CMYK to make the most accurate for our processes. If you are using a custom font it is also helpful to convert the text to outlines. If your graphic contains raster graphics, for best quality it is best to set the output resolution to 720 dpi. 

Because our online design tool for custom stock doesn’t accept vector graphics, you can email them with your order number to the email on the lower right of the website so we can add them to the artwork.

All this go over your head? Don’t be afraid to contact us with what you’re looking for and what you have and we’ll do our best to get a great looking tap handle.

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Tap Handles in Weeks, Not Months

Unlike our competitors who often take months to make tap handles or even just a prototype, we’re set up to be able to produce great looking tap handles much much quicker. We make our tap handles in the USA unlike some of our competitors which are made in China and take months to ship from overseas. By keeping the majority of the processes in house, we’re able to go from prototype to full production in a matter of weeks for most tap handles. In many cases we can accelerate the entire process to meet our customer’s tight deadlines. If you’re in urgent need of custom tap handles, our fully customizable stock tap handles can arrive in as little as 2 days.

Whether you have an exact design drawn out or have no idea what you want the tap handles to look like, we’re able to help. Once a design is finalized, we produce a prototype. Most prototypes will ship in 1-2 weeks though some may take longer depending on complexity, additional parts and other orders. We also don’t charge an arm and a leg for setup and design. We’re able to keep the cost and leadtimes low by keeping processes in house and working with local vendors. In most cases, the prototype will be essentially the same as a mass production handle.

A prototype tap handle

After review and approval of the prototype, either by sending photos or a physical prototype, we begin the production process. Our typical production quantities for custom shape tap handles range from 5-1000 handles. The leadtime for production is dependent on the quantity and design of the tap handle as well as what other orders are in our production queue. If you need tap handles quicker than our standard leadtimes, we offer rush production for an additional fee. When you’re ready to reorder, there’s no need for any additional prototypes or setup.

A small production run

Because of our in house capabilities and production in the United States, you’ll be able to receive your tap handles in weeks, not months.

A large production run

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Design Made Easy on Etsy

We are excited to begin a partnership with Lisa, an Etsy designer, who has a vision for creating custom products for events, weddings and home bars. You can receive a custom product via the Etsy store without having to create the design yourself!

The store offers black & white styles as well as wood grain designs that show off the high-quality wood we use. The monogram tap handles are a hit for weddings as their use on the big day transitions into a keepsake. For a friend or family member, a classic tap handle looks great with a home bar setup and can be customized with a personal design.

Chalkboard and whiteboard taps are great to personalize!

Engraving adds a “wow” factor to a natural wood design. You can submit a photo or logo to be engraved after you have finalized your Etsy order and you will be sent a proof before your tap is made.

Etsy Shop:

Contact Lisa on Etsy for questions about her store.

Want more custom options? Poke around on our website to see the possibilities.

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Up Your Game with Bar Flair

Adding custom coasters and a bar sign or two provide your guests with a fun experience. Signs and coasters are a great gift for the homebrewer in your life or home bar set ups. You can showcase your design on our products. Use the easy online tools on our website to create custom bar flair.

You can personalize custom cork coasters with any logo or design, and choose square or round shape. They are reuseable and can be wiped of any spills. The coasters are available in sets of four or six, or contact us about bulk order pricing.


Show off your design with a custom sign! Signs in either aluminum or plastic can be personalized with your logo or design printed directly to the sign using waterproof and scratch-resistant ink. Signs can be ordered in the following shapes: Rectangle, circle or oval.

Impress your friends with your designs and homebrewer creations. Show off the uniqueness of your personal brand by creating a custom piece of flair!

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What Type of Tap Handle to Choose

A personalized or fully custom tap handle is the perfect way to make your beer or beverage unique. We’ve have several styles and options of tap handles for a variety of customers. Below we’ll guide you through some of the option and what they’re best for.

Double sided

A question we often get asked is “Do I need a tap handle that is double sided?” Double sided tap handles are preferred if the taps are at the bar counter or if the beverage is being distributed where you don’t where the tap handles will be located. If the taps are always against the wall, there is no need to have graphics on the back. Double sided graphics are an option on most of our tap handles.

Chalkboard and Whiteboard

Chalkboard and whiteboard tap handles allow for beverage names to be changed easily. With multiple taps, they allow for easy distinguishing between the type of beer. This option is very popular for both homebrewers and microbreweries that do not distribute.

Fully custom tap handle with chalkboard

Fully custom tap handle with chalkboard


Magnetic tap handles are perfect for breweries that distribute and change the type of beer often. Instead of replacing the entire tap handle, the magnets can be changed and the handle can be kept the same. This greatly reduces the cost to change the style of beer and allows for the customers to know what the current beer is. The magnets can be fully customized with full color graphics to further enhance negotiability.

Magnetic personalized tap handle

Magnetic personalized tap handle

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Put Your Company on Tap

Having beverages on tap is becoming a perk in many offices. But why settle for a plain tap handle when you can have one that has your company’s branding. Getting a custom tap handle for the office is a perfect way to make it all fit together. With our personalized taps you can easily use our design tool to design the perfect tap for your office or event. If you’re looking for something truly unique, a fully custom tap handle may be perfect for you. You can get a great tap handle centered around your logo without the exuberant design and setup fees charged by others. Ordered at quantities of 5 or more, often times the cost is similar or less than our personalized taps. We’ve worked with dozens of companies to make the perfect tap for their office and we’re looking forward to making the perfect tap handle for your company.

Custom tap handle

Personalized tap handle

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The Perfect Gift

Are you looking for a truly unique gift for a beer lover that’s not an off the shelf idea? Look no further. A personalized tap handle makes the perfect addition to any homebrewer or beer enthusiast’s kegerator. Our easy to use online design tool makes it simple to design something that is special even if you don’t have a woodshop. We have allow for more customization areas on our tap handles than anyone else out there. It’s more than just applying a sticker to a standard handle, you can make it your own.


If you’re looking for something one of a kind, we can design a fully custom tap handle around a logo. Whether you have an idea already or are starting from scratch, we will work with you to make a design unique unique to you. Unlike others that take weeks to design and manufacture one tap handle, we can make one in a week or less. Just send us an image and/or an idea and we’ll get back to you with a proposal and pricing.


A fully custom tap

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