Custom Tap Handle Add Ons

Whether you’re ordering stock shape tap handles or custom shape tap handles we have some features that can be added on to add some flair to make the tap handles pop.

Interchangeable Beverage Area

Interchangeable beverage areas are a great way to display the beer name for seasonal and low volume types. On all tap handles we offer options to change the variation of beverage that you have on tap. From chalkboard and dry erase areas perfect for quick change low volume applications to high run custom shape magnets we have options for everyone. Other options also include removable decals and card slots.

Custom Flat Metal Topper

One of our most popular additions is to add a stock or custom shape topper to the top of a tap handle. With our ability to create custom metal cuts and decals in house we’re able to offer custom shapes very affordable even at low quantities.

Custom Thick Topper

Another option we have to add embellishment to the top of a tap handle is using a custom thick topper. Similar to the flat metal topper, we’re able to create a custom shape and direct print to the topper with a stud or extension rod to attach to the tap handle. 

Acrylic/Metal Plaques and Embellishment

Adding acrylic or metal is a simple way to give a tap handle added dimension. We offer a variety of options from simple plaques to multiple extrusions. Depending on the type of embellishment we use acrylic, raw metal or painted metal. We have the ability to produce detailed complex cuts at our production facility in the USA which offers the fastest lead times and lowest costs.

3D Toppers

Adding a 3D topper is a great way to add detail without the costs associated with a full 3D tap handle setup. Although it’s possible to add on at low volume, the pricing can be significantly more due to the complexity of the setup. We also tend to stay away from complex hand painting as our production is located in the USA and these are normally produced overseas to keep the cost down. Unlike some of our competitors we don’t use 3D printing for production as it is not durable for most applications. 

Stock Toppers

Adding a stock topper can be a great option where it’s an accessory or object that is common. This avoid the high setup costs of custom 3D but is more limited to off the shelf parts that are sized properly for tap handles.

Look through our gallery to see other examples of tap handle add ons.

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