Tap Handle Inflation Too High? We’re Working To Keep Prices Low

Many breweries and beverage companies have seen their tap handle prices increase significantly over the last couple years due to inflation. We’ve heard of instances where some companies are charging twice the price for the same tap handle. For most companies it isn’t realistic to afford for many companies. While our pricing has increased, we’ve been able to minimize increases as much as possible.

In-sourced manufacturing

While many tap handle manufacturers have their tap handles produced overseas, our tap handles are made right here in America. This means that we’ve been able to avoid cost increases due to overseas shipments and tariffs. Additionally we’ve invested in equipment to be able to produce most parts at our manufacturing facility. This eliminates extra margin and reduces production times.

Improved efficiencies 

Since we moved into our new expanded production facility in 2022 we’ve been able to increase material and labor efficiency. Though using additional material drop through sorting we’re able to increase material utilization which has helped us reduce pricing increases. Adding additional workstations has reduced the amount of changeover time. Utilizing an automatic paint line for large volume parts has allowed us to further reduce labor.

Optimized suppliers

Through the supply chain crisis we switched several of our supplies to keep up with demand and avoid excess material price increases. Making additional bulk orders has allowed us to maintain stock and receive additional discounts that we’re able to pass on to you.

If you’ve experienced excessive cost increases from your tap handle supplier or are looking to get started on custom beer tap handles or beverage tap handles you can submit a quote request here. We’ll get back to you within a few days.

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