What Type of Tap Handle to Choose

A personalized or fully custom tap handle is the perfect way to make your beer or beverage unique. We’ve have several styles and options of tap handles for a variety of customers. Below we’ll guide you through some of the option and what they’re best for.

Double sided

A question we often get asked is “Do I need a tap handle that is double sided?” Double sided tap handles are preferred if the taps are at the bar counter or if the beverage is being distributed where you don’t where the tap handles will be located. If the taps are always against the wall, there is no need to have graphics on the back. Double sided graphics are an option on most of our tap handles.

Chalkboard and Whiteboard

Chalkboard and whiteboard tap handles allow for beverage names to be changed easily. With multiple taps, they allow for easy distinguishing between the type of beer. This option is very popular for both homebrewers and microbreweries that do not distribute.

Fully custom tap handle with chalkboard

Fully custom tap handle with chalkboard


Magnetic tap handles are perfect for breweries that distribute and change the type of beer often. Instead of replacing the entire tap handle, the magnets can be changed and the handle can be kept the same. This greatly reduces the cost to change the style of beer and allows for the customers to know what the current beer is. The magnets can be fully customized with full color graphics to further enhance negotiability.

Magnetic personalized tap handle

Magnetic personalized tap handle

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